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1. It’s cheap!

When you consider the resource provided, the out of hours support, access to tradespeople, legal knowledge and updates we provide, the real-world cost of these services would be far greater than the average monthly cost to have your property managed. Not to mention your time, which clearly has a value as well.

2. We keep you compliant.

We keep you up to date with the latest legislation. Staying ahead of the rapidly changing legal requirements saves potential fines and problematic situations arising with your tenancy. We take the risk out of renting.

3. Tenant Retention

Tenants like it when a property is managed and landlords let their agent get on and fix things. Happy tenants = Long term tenants = Less void costs. 

4. Peace of Mind

We remove the stress so you can concentrate on the day job, be it work or play! Let the agent collect the rent, keep you compliant, accounting to you each month whilst we look after your asset. Whatever needs doing, it’s in our diary, not yours!

5. Maximising Income

Our managed properties produce more income for a landlord over the life of a tenancy. Our teams are set up to ensure rent setting is correct and reactive works are competitive and carried out quickly, all resulting in the best possible ROI.

This is just a snapshot of the benefits the right agent can bring.

Letting and managing your property is what we do, but it’s always a partnership, so whether you are a first-time landlord or have a portfolio, it always works better when our objectives are aligned. As an agent, we want to deliver a 5-star service and want to work with landlords with the same mindset. Just like a hotel, where you have paying guests, tenants are a landlords guest and expect certain standards.

By authorising repairs quickly, updating your property periodically and providing quality fixtures and fittings, as well as empowering your agent to deliver that 5-star service, you will reap the rewards!

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