Property Management

Property Management

At The Ark Avenue Real Estate, we understand that owning and looking after a tenanted property yourself can take up more of your time than anticipated. Our tailor made, comprehensive Property Management service ensures that the letting of your property runs both smoothly and without stress. From the moment you instruct us, we’ll manage every aspect of letting your property, beginning with finding you the very best tenants and negotiating the best price on your behalf. Further to this, throughout the duration of the tenancy, our experienced team will be available to deal with any issues that arise, ensuring your property and tenants are well looked after.

At the start of the tenancy, tenants may want things added, removed, painted, repaired or replaced. We’ll see to it that this is taken care of and that your tenancy begins smoothly. You will be assigned your own dedicated experienced Property Manager who will take care of the frequent phone calls, requests for work or repairs, the appointing of contractors and third parties and so forth – reporting back to you as little or as much as you personally wish. Whenever necessary, our team will visit your property to manage any maintenance issues before they have a chance to escalate.

So whether it’s about ending a tenancy, negotiating the deposit or dealing with a demanding tenant, our property management specialists have the experience to deal with any issues that arise.

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